The Smartest Badger in Badgerville


I proclaim that I am the smartest citizen of Badgerville! I dwell in my comfortable den and spend my days in my extensive network of tunnels. I search out neighboring badgers from whom I can extract some benefits.

I consider other badgers who may question my motives as predators. They do not understand that all actions and business engagements I enter into should result in benefits for my favor. I am accustomed to overpowering other badgers who question my motives.

I have vast knowledge and accumulated experience. You will subtly become aware that I know your business better than you. You need to focus and pay attention to me.

I avoid other badgers who possess too much knowledge and sophistication. I have no need for them. . . unless there is something in it for me. I allow only sycophant badgers as friends—to ensure that I am held in the highest esteem.

I frolic in the tunnels of the neighborhood with laughter, gaiety, and wit. At all times, I maintain my agenda of convincing other members of the neighborhood that my ideas and opinions of truth and fairness are correct—as I define them. Members of the neighborhood are my prey! Four for me and none for them is my mantra. This is a fair distribution, for I am the smartest badger in Badgerville.

My secret weapon is the entrapment of my intended victim(s). I will hurry, scurry, and flurry to create the illusion that my intentions are honorable. However, I will use my manipulative talents to gain an advantage. Eventually, all benefits shall be aggregated in my favor and delivered to my den.

I can turn any circumstance to my advantage. I am a Badger Lawyer. Watch me! I will sue to perfect my claim of fairness.


Dan Harkey

Business and Private Money Finance Consultant

Bus. 949 521 7115

Cell  949 533 8315

This article is intended for educational purposes only and is not a solicitation.